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Put a lid on it.

This’ll be the hat you wear when you’re getting your hands dirty field dressing a buck, filleting a walleye or scrambling up some trail. It’s a hat that says to stupefied onlookers, “Yeah, this is an outdoors thing you’ve probably never heard of, but I have, and sometimes I listen to the podcast about it. Now get back in your Prius and stick that E-cigarette in your ear.”

I guarantee it’ll say all of that…and likely more. Each hat is proudly embroidered with the TW logo.

Get stuck.

The TW sticker is three inches of circular adhesive awesome that once affixed, has been purported to have the following effects:

  • vehicles – increased horsepower and MPGs
  • laptops – increased RAM and decreased load times
  • bowcases – tighter groups at greater distances
  • waterbottles – inhibits the growth of mold while leaving just a note of citrus
  • cellphones – increased battery life and better reception

Will this sticker change your life? Probably. Will you get a refund if it doesn’t? No.

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