The Guy

If fishing and hunting were women, I would have become a polygamist at four and married both of them.

From squirrels and bluegills as a kid to whitetails and walleyes as an adult, I’ve always been head over heels for the outdoors.  The requisite skills and knowledge coupled with the bust-yo-butt hustle, fueled by the anticipation and realization of success all conspire to make this lifestyle one I can’t help but promote.  I want you to choke back your pulse as you take your rightful place as an apex predator and come full draw on a buck.  If I can’t take you there, I want to at least help you develop an appreciation for those of us who live for those moments.

I’m also daily trying to follow Christ.  I’m a christian, and despite any connotations that term may have for you,  know that it’s about seeing the world through His eyes.  Loving people and striving for fidelity with His character are my goals.  I’m thankful for the forgiveness I’m blessed with and want everyone to experience that freedom too.

I’ve run marathons, cycled centuries worth of miles, backpacked, cultivated my garden, tanned hides, shot fly line at trout, treasured edible mushrooms, bowfished, hunted predators and all manner of outdoor pursuits.  It’s what I’m designed to do.  It’s in all of us.  If you have forward facing stereoscopic eyes and canine teeth, like it or not, you were intended to be a hunter, a predator.  We are beings in tune with the world around us.  That’s a mantle to be celebrated and enjoyed…

But I can’t take myself too seriously.  I love to recognize the ridiculous and incongruous.  Humor is a type of intelligence and too many have traded it in for a false decorum.  Ever come home from a coyote hunt and pet your dog?