The Mission

Does your uniform include a flannel shirt or fly fishing vest, or a bucket hat festooned with spinners and store bought flys?  Mine doesn’t either. 

Somehow though, the notion of a woodsman has been co-opted by popular culture to depict someone on either end of a contrived continuum.  On one extreme is the sporting goods department mannequin and the other, a sketchier version of the Unibomber.

We can’t allow these misconceptions to persist.

The woodsman is an active participant in nature, and one who, in our society is most in tune with natural cycles.  We cherish and revere the fish and game we pursue.  Our souls are tethered to the ground we hunt.  Our eyes recognize patterns lost on others.  We are not a stereotype.  We are simultaneously more ancient and  more modern than any of our contemporaries can know.  You just got on a health kick fueled by Whole Foods and their organic, free-range, no antibiotic meats?  That’s great.  I put an arrow through mine and processed it in my kitchen last week.  Not bragging, but let’s not pretend that “clean” eating is some new invention.

At The Thinking Woodsman, I want to expose the true spirit of hunters, fishermen and other passionate “outdoorists” in an honest and winsome way.  The “Confluence of Humor and Conscience in the Great Outdoors”.  We’re not better than others, we’ve just found better ways and want to share.  We’re advocates. We’re thinkers and we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  We have an intimate love for the outdoors and want more people to love it too.

If you want on board, you’re in the right place.  Join us as we influence and inform a conversation that’s been happening without us for too long.