Proof that I have a face made for writing. Watch some of my adventures in the great outdoors. If you want updates anytime there’s a new project uploaded, subscribe to my YouTube channel.  

DirtNap Gear Bowfishing

Backwoods Bowfishing

 Bowhunting a 160+ inch Buck in the Ozarks

Archery Nuts – Bowhunting Squirrels

 Bowfishing a 58 Pound Grass Carp

Dad’s First Wild Turkey

Shooting a Fire Extinguisher with a Broadhead Tipped Arrow

The Gut Knot Field Dressing Trick

Northwestern Missouri Whitetail Bowhunt

Red’s Gear Interview

Carpe Carp Diem!

Learning About the Atlatl

Summertime Frog Gigging

Slow-Mo Tomahawk Throw

Watch Yo Step! Can You Spot the Copperhead?

Caribou Recurve



3D Target First Aid


Teaser for an interview series with Chris Brackett of Fear No Evil