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You can’t shoot a trophy deer from the couch and you can’t engage our culture if you’re not out in it. 

That said, I’m always ready to promote our great outdoor heritage.  Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about how I can help you. My resume is also available here.

Public Speaking

HuntCo Interview

Let me weave wit, narrative and encouragement into a powerful experience designed to motivate and draw people into our camp.  I can tailor talks for conservation clubs, men’s groups, and youth programs. PETA, are you reading this? Please ask me to come speak.

Freelance Writing

Conservationist Bowfishing Cover
Missouri Conservationist

With multiple articles published by the award winning Missouri Conservationist, a monthly column at MidWest Outdoors, and posts here on the site,  my work is in plain view.  If you enjoy what I write and think my voice can assist your cause, let’s talk.  Stories, interviews, persuasive articles, instructionals, gear reviews…even boring academic & scientific writing.  I’m like MacGyver with a keyboard.

Social Media & Brand Development

Dawn Atlatl Assocation Interview

Need to engage a broader audience to promote your event or brand? They need a compelling reason to care. Let’s talk through some effective and honest strategies to make that happen.


Do our brands overlap?  Do you have a quality, dependable product you want people to know about?  Let’s explore joining forces. We could be like a camo-clad Vultron!

Hunting/Fishing Invitations

It’s terrible, but I need to spend time in the field in order to stay rooted and informed…and sane.  If you have a unique hunting or fishing destination that you’d like to invite me to, let me know.

Check out my resume!

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