The Thinking Woodsman Podcast – Episode 2

From the RedsGear Studio, welcome to the March TW Podcast! In addition to a special guest announcer, this episode features the finer points of being an outdoors jerk.


We talk turkey scouting strategies with outdoor celebrity and turkey serial killer Ray Eye and if that weren’t enough intrigue for you, just like the Orphan Annie secret decoder ring, we have a special discount code for RedsGear embedded in the show. If you were going to gear up for turkey season, now is the time to pull the trigger!

In the gear review segment, I offer feedback on my experience with Scentlock’s Outfitter hunting pants…and I sing you a line from a 70s TV show theme song.

Ever wonder what being on “pro staff” really means? Listen in as Mathews factory shooter and owner of Select Archery Darrell Stiennen and I talk about the designation. We also walk through the considerations required when transitioning from a wrist release to a handheld release. There’s more to it than you might imagine.

In the, “What’s Cookin’?” segment, I have three article recommendations for your reading enjoyment.

Head Hangerz/Facebook

From the floor of the Kansas Monster Buck Expo, the guys from Head Hangerz enjoy the product spotlight this month with their simple yet rugged European mount brackets. Finally, in the Will It Kill It?” segment, I take on a dinosaur from the laptop age; an IBM Thinkpad is welcomed into the TW Backyard Bow Range.

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