Backwoods Bowfishing – Hunting Carp in the Timber

We should have brought our tree stands on this bowfishing adventure. Polling the jon boat along among giant oaks, it became clear that these forests were now a watery refuge for big carp.

Historic flooding on the Meramec River in Missouri had sent water and carp of all species coursing into the woods along the river bottom. Though making headway was difficult, the big grassies, commons and silvers haunting those woods made it worth the effort. Watch as we go into stealth mode and feed some rough fish a few fiberglass shafts.

Not only was the high water not a problem, it provided an opportunity to stalk fish we would rarely see under normal circumstances. We just had to be willing to work a little harder to get back in where they were feeding. The summer and peak of bowfishing season is just warming up, so stay close as we continue to share more great footage from the water.

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