The Thinking Woodsman Show – Episode 22

A deer literally coughs up a lung. A cop rolls up on me as I’m shooting my rifle and I’m launching a new product called the Buck-Thirty alarm clock!

The November show is as busy as the rut that’s in full swing. Join in on the conversation and hear about:

  • My early season nine-point archery kill
  • Elliott Booe at BBR Outdoors setting up a soldier with some new bowhunting gear
  • My new invention: The Buck-Thirty alarm clock
  • An engineering approach to testing broadheads with Tall Oaks Archery
  • A discussion about the constitutionality of consenting to having your firearm checked by law enforcement on your own property

I know I always say it, but I always mean it. Thank you for listening, engaging, and supporting this work to bring more people into the outdoors. There’s more announcements to come about what’s on the horizon for The Thinking Woodsman, so stay tuned!


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