The December 2017 Thinking Woodsman Show

Take solace in knowing that the host of The Thinking Woodsman Show will never have to fess up to terrible harassment allegations.

While the media-at-large is scurrying light roaches from daylight, I’m over here just living life. The December show talks about the unlikely story of my 12 point whitetail I took with a PSE Evolve during the Missouri rifle season. 

You’ll be introduced to a new sponsor, Fart Creek Outdoors. We’ll discuss the controversy surrounding Chris Brackett. I make a confession about watching animals perish. Fit 2 Hunt is sponsoring a sweet Wilderness Athlete giveaway. We’ll talk about a bowhunting homicide and how it relates to concealed carrying.

Finally, we’ll wrap the show with some wintertime bowfishing tips to help you boat some real monsters.

Thanks to everyone for pushing our video chronicling the ridiculousness of anti-hunters up to almost half a million! Also, swing by the Gear Shop and pick up the hunter in your life a TW cap or some stickers.

Finally, thanks for listening and sharing the show with your friends!

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